Quantic TPC, formerly known as Tantalum Pellet Company, is a well-established leader in the design and manufacture of sintered tantalum pellets, tantalum anodes and capacitors. TPC was acquired by Quantic Electronics in August 2022.

Hilton SWT Capacitors


Standard case sizes are shown in the SWT-SX, LX EX ratings tables.

In some cases, a particular rating can be ordered in a smaller size case. All ratings may be ordered in larger size cases, sometimes with an improvement in one or more characteristics.


The standard tolerances offered are J (±5%), K (±10), M (±20%) and U (-15%, +75%).

SWT Silver Cased Subminiature Tantalum Capacitors


These commercial wet-slug tantalum capacitors are subminiature in size and have outstanding performance with the following characteristics:

  • Highest capacitance per unit weight
  • Highest capacitance per unit volume
  • Ten case sizes for maximum volumetric efficiency
  • Lowest leakage current of any type of electrolytic capacitor