Hilton SWT Capacitors


Standard case sizes are shown in the SWT-SX, LX EX ratings tables.

In some cases, a particular rating can be ordered in a smaller size case. All ratings may be ordered in larger size cases, sometimes with an improvement in one or more characteristics.


The standard tolerances offered are J (±5%), K (±10), M (±20%) and U (-15%, +75%).

Any other tolerance can be ordered. It will be marked on each capacitor and will be denoted by an ‘X’ in the tolerance digit’s position in the part number.


SWT capacitors are normally packaged in either sealed plastic bags, containing 100 capacitors (except the last bag on uneven orders), or on tape. Small orders on tape will be shipped ‘ammo’ pack style in a box unless otherwise requested. Larger orders on tape are shipped on standard reels. Many variations in packaging are offered. Parts ordered to be packaged in a nonstandard manner have part numbers ending in ‘C’.


All SWT capacitors are tested during manufacture and prior to shipment to assure compliance with our published specifications. Other testing procedures are offered to comply with customer requirements. Parts that are to be subjected to non-standard testing have part numbers ending in V.

The information contained herein is believed to be correct, but no guarantee or warranty with respect to accuracy, completeness or results is implied and no liability is assumed. Nothing herein is to be construed as advertising or authorizing practice of any invention covered by patents without license from the owners thereof. In the interest of improved design & performance, TPC/Hilton Capacitor reserves the right to make changes in any specification, data or material contained herein.


Many SWT capacitors are manufactured to conform to customer drawings. There is usually no additional charge for this. Customer drawings are always kept in the strictest confidence. All parts manufactured to comply with a customer drawing have part numbers ending in C, even if the drawing Itself does not require anything that is not standard.


The DCL rating for all SWT-SX capacitors is 2.OµA for case sizes up to 5C and 4.0 µA for capacitors in 6C case size. DCL limits for SWT-LX capacitors are appreciably lower and are given in the LX ratings chart.

Even lower DCL ratings are available. As the distribution curve below illustrates, choosing the LX series of capacitors has the added benefit of narrowing the range of possible DCL values in any given shipment. This is an important consideration in timing circuits where a single resistance component must be chosen that functions well with any capacitor. Obviously, narrowing this range further can increase this benefit. Capacitors having special DCL ratings have part numbers ending in ‘LC’.